Women's Day celebration at GLUG PESCE

Women's Day celebration at GLUG PESCE

Hello All,

On the occasion of International Womens’s Day, GLUG PESCE organised an event cum discussion on 7th, March 2020 at CSE Seminar Hall, PES College of Engineering.

The events was scheduled as

2:00 - 3:30 - CSS session

3:30 - 4:30 - Discussion

4:30 - 4:45 - cake cutting

4:45 - 5:00 - break

5:00 - 6:00 - Continue with CSS session

The tech session i.e., CSS session started with explaining

  • why css?
  • introduction
  • three different types of CSS [ inline, document, external ] with hands on
  • five different types of selectors [ simple, universal, id, class, element ] with hands on
  • created profile for all participants using Style sheets and html code

CODE Link : gitlab.com/glugpesce/html-css-resource

CSS SEssion was handled by

Mahima Pai B, CORE Member, GLUG PESCE

Deeksha MS, CORE Member, GLUG PESCE

@ms1029, CORE Member, GLUG PESCE

Second part was discussion, so basically it was one of the very first discussion for participants to be part of and first for this academic year.

The discussion was to highlight women’s status in our society, women in workplace. Participants came up with all their experiences and we discussed about the possible solutions, Then we also discussed about Women in free technologies and free technology communities for women.

@aaru-swartz talking about issues about non male gender and their importance and there few important point made by @BN_Ruchika talking about a project related to movies either they are stereotyping or not? and concluded the discussion.

And then finally had a cake cutting and distributed to all :smile:

GLUG PESCE thanks @BN_Ruchika, @aaru-swartz, Athithya and Daniel from FSMK for handling the discussion and being part of the event.

GLUG PESCE made a poster for International Womens’s Day and shared on social media


It was really a great event and was happy we discussed lot of things.

Its also nice to see you people have designed the poster for wishing Women’s day.

Few suggestions

  1. post the poster and its source file somewhere online. (in GLUG website/blog or in gitlab etc)
  2. mention the license for both the files. (check creativecommons.org or CC_license_chart and CC_License_attribution_chart images for more info on creative commons license attributions )
  3. Dont forget to give credits to the creator/designer of the poster (even if it is multiple persons)