The report of the session conducted by VEMANA GLUG ON HTML AND CSS

The report of the session conducted by VEMANA GLUG ON HTML AND CSS




This is the second GULG MEET of our college for the year 2019-2020.The sesssion was HTML AND CSS, which was handled by DIVYA T, Executive committee member from FSMK. This was a 2 hour session. About 67 students attended the session from 2nd year COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT.

This was a HANDSON SESSION for the students who ever participiated. The session started at 11:00 AM, it was started a little late due to some technical issues which was sorted out, for the session to be conducted smoothly. It was handled by DIVYA T. At first the students were given the introduction about HTML and CSS,and thier uses, advantages and about thier implimentaion and application. At first the session was started with HTML.

To make it an handson session in lab the students were intimated to use fedora as the application and as the flatform to code HTML SCRIPTS. Where the labs were arranged by the volunteers of VEMANA GLUG MEMBERS in prior for the smooth conduct of the session.


Here it started from the basics of HTML. Then with the structure of the html, which includes the tags, and about the functionalities of them. Later the students were said to create a simple webpage for the better understanding.

Now the students were thought to create a SIGN IN FORM using html step by step with an interactive way with the students. Later the students were asked for the doubts to clarifying them. Then later for the further analysis and to know more about HTML the students were provided the link of some useful websites like w3schooletc,. And also forwarded some of the html codes to gain more knowledge of html.

Since there was a time constrain we couldn’t contiue the session and was not able to cover the topic i.e CSS.

Atlast it was a great, usefull and an interactive session on HTML AND CSS. The feedback was also positive and the student felt that it was a good and helpful session and felt greatfull to participate in this session, and wanted more such sessions to happen.