Online Sessions Update by GLUG PESCE

Online Sessions Update by GLUG PESCE

GLUG PESCE Online Sessions was one of my favorite and saw a team that works tremendously for GLUG-PESCE, understanding the participants who have always been a big support. Thanks to them :).

I big kudos to 2nd years CORE Members, who have vigorously have been taking session showcasing their talents their public speaking skills their fearless attitude and last but not the least how much they value GLUG and their attachment too.

Few things as a TEAM we could establish in GLUG PESCE Online Sessions :

  1. Show case the difference, why glug is different and what we are taking up as a team. (Our visions ands missions)

  2. Different ways an individual can contribute to Free Software being part of GLUG or a movement like FSMK or completely alone, few amongst them are :

    • contributing to Localisation
    • contributing to wikimedia [ commons, wikipedia ]
    • contribution through source code perhaps how to do it
    • possible contribution during covid19 through Open Hardware
  3. Brought in a clarity about FREE SOFTWARE

  4. Introduced GNU\Linux OS and a few exercise with commands

  5. Importance of Copyleft and how to use CC License

  6. Importance of Version control and did a exercise to get a real time hands-on on Gitlab and Gitlab Pages

  7. Did a few amazing discussion on FOSS tools and saw how to use it, its great features, adv, disadv … in short a good discussion

Tools we discussed :

* Mastodon
* Disroot
* Cryptpad
* LineageOS
* Tor Browser
  1. Got an end product out - Pelican a static blog site, why pelican?

    • blogs helps to express
    • blogs can be start to great learning
    • blogs can end up as tutorials
    • blogs can show localisation

    infact it clearly gives a possibility to contribute.

As an outcomes we got few blogs written during our online sessions :

  1. Implementing four freedoms of Free Software
  2. Hosting a Profile in Gitlab Pages
  3. Getting started with Pelican

Few Outcomes :