Magnuz Glug's Virtual Extravaganza: Logo Launch, Ubuntu Fest, and Tech Sessions

MAGNUZ, AMC Glug recently hosted a event that kicked off with the grand logo launch by the esteemed Principal, Dr. Nagaraja, and HOD, Dr. Mareeswari V, with Naveen Mudunuru virtually present.
With the help of our glug coordinator Mr Sanjeevan we were able to make this event a grand success.
The tech-filled day continued with a session on socket programming by Vishnu MR and Kappath Mallikarjun Talakal, providing attendees with valuable insights. The highlight was the Ubuntu Installation Fest 2.0, where 50+ laptops successfully transitioned to the Ubuntu operating system, showcasing the community’s commitment to open-source technology.

Uma Y enlightened participants on “Why Ubuntu over Debian,” setting the stage for a comprehensive session on basic Ubuntu command prompts. Magnuz Glug’s commitment to fostering a tech-savvy community was evident throughout the event, leaving participants equipped with valuable knowledge and skills for the digital landscape.