Localization and Dexterous

Localization and Dexterous

Localization & Dexterous

Localization : It was a online event conducted on 3rd November, 2019 boosting the local language and involving commoners to contribute to the local language they use. It was the participant’s option to use the language they prefer and it was crossed checked by CORE Members and was uploaded to the Website.

Website Link : glugpesce.github.io/localisation/

Dexterous : It was also an online event conducted on 4th November, 2019 moreover it was Poster Making Competition conducted by GLUG-PESCE, Mandya. It was the outcome of the GIMP Workshop conducted and had some amazing works out there.

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We had a decent number for both the events and we GLUG-PESCE ended our semester with LOCALIZATION AND DEXTEROUS.

Nice to hear of your localization efforts! :blush: Please let us know what you localized and which website you uploaded to.

Thank you.

We upload it to our website. ( Under some constructive updates, would share the link by night )

But if guided any specific sites to upload so it would be useful for commoners too, it would be great help.

I just saw your website. Many of the articles are scanned versions of written documents. Try to type them out and publish them as HTML pages. ibus should be useful for this.

Also, are your articles translations of existing articles? If you have translations of articles from the gnu.org philosophy section, you could send your translations to them for publishing on their site.

Also, I see those images were photographed using CamScanner application. using a free software camera application to capture them would do well, if you wish to photograph them.

btw, I appreciate your team’s effort.

Surely we are updating our contents and get better each day.

We will take your considerations.

Thanks for all your suggestions @antiignorant and @arunisaac

This make us run a step ahead always :smile: