Introduction to Machine Learning Operations

Shankar Chakravarty led a captivating session, initiating with a brief overview of current AI applications, providing insights into its practical uses. He then transitioned into the world of MLOps, elaborating on the integration of machine learning into operational workflows. Moving forward, Shankar explored the intricacies of pipelining and delved into legal considerations, offering valuable insights and allowing ample time for attendees to refer to the accompanying presentation for additional information.:man_student:t2::brain:
Throughout the session, Shankar, a passionate FOSS enthusiast, shared his expertise, detailing his involvement in specific fields and actively engaging with students’ questions. The interactive and informative experience left participants with a broader understanding of AI and MLOps. Hats off to Shankar Chakravarty for an enlightening session, and we look forward to more learning opportunities in the future!:sparkles: