Introducing GUILD and concept behind GUILD's LOGO

Introducing GUILD and concept behind GUILD's LOGO

Guild refers to a group of artisans working in a particular field who group together to work with each other, collaborate and manage any external threat their community face. As such they are concerned about the welfare of all members who practice in a trade and ensure that they are treated fairly. We, the GLUG here at CMRIT, work in a very similar manner and hence call ourselves GUILD.

We, at GUILD - CMRIT are not just coders or developers or technical people. We are a diverse group of individuals with an extensive range of talent and skill. We are artists, writers, free thinkers and content creators. We care about the many issues at the intersection of technology, society and ethics, and we try and come up with solutions to solve these issues in a manner that is useful and sustainable.

Our logo is a minimalist wildebeest. The Wildebeest, also known as a Gnu, represents the logo of the organisation GNU, from GNU/Linux. As a GLUG we are avid users of the GNU/Linux system and know that the kernel, linux, while vital, comprises only a part of the Operating System, the remaining, comparatively larger part is made up entirely of GNU software. We chose the Gnu to help promote awareness of this fact and show our support to GNU and the free software movement, at large.

As a GLUG under FSMK, we are somewhat new, but we have a long history of promoting free software usage at CMRIT, Bangalore. We regularly meet up and host technical events on various different FLOSS tools and technologies. We not only do technical events but cover important philosophical sides which goes along the ideologies of FLOSS.

We are a small group but we have big goals and each member of the team is dedicated towards achieving this goal. As time passes, we grow in size and become a bigger and stronger community. We hope to collaborate more with FSMK and also hope to collaborate with other GLUGs.

Launched Logo for the GUILD:

Logo :

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