GIMP Workshop

GIMP Workshop

GIMP Workshop

The most awaited and demanding GLUG-PESCE was scheduled on 19th, October, 2019.

Wherein GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program ) being a FOSS alternative to

Adobe Photoshop we wanted to inspire not just Designers but the crowd that wants

to understand designing and make them use this tool, stable, portable, User

friendly and show the ease in using it.

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The workshop had a turn out of 110 participants from branches like Automobile

and Mechanical too !!!.

Speakers :

  1. Yeshwanth LM , CORE Member GLUG-PESCE

2.Tanusha A , CORE Member GLUG-PESCE

The workshop ended up with participants coming up with creative posters.

We planned a GIMP based Competition - Dexterous.