From Clone To Push: A Journey through Git with Gautham

In the current period of rapid technological progress and innovation, understanding version control is of paramount importance. MAGNUZ, AMC Glug had the privilege of hosting Gautham Nagendran, a resource person from FSMK, for an enlightening session on Git version control. The session aimed to equip our core committee members with fundamental insights into navigating Git, offering a foundational understanding of key concepts.

Starting from “What Git is” to “Using Git and Git platforms in contributing to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)”, emphasizing upon the significance of understanding core Git commands, and using them to not only modify an existing project on the internet, but also to rectify issues.

This introductory session with Gautham has equipped us with fundamental knowledge, paving the way for us to be torchbearers in the upcoming sessions for our wider community!

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