Design WebApp + Intro to Git

Design WebApp + Intro to Git

Design WebApp + Git

A two day hands-on session on 30th & 31st October, 2019 was conducted with two day completely dealing with WebApp design using Flask a python micro framework and followed by Introduction to Git.

The session was dealt with basic
— Basics of Python
— Installation of Python and Pip
— Build basic flask WebApp
— Importing libraries for some basic functionalities
— Build a simple WebApp rendering HTML and CSS
— Build a small Single Page Profile WebApp
— Introduced Git and its commands
— Uploaded the source code to GitHub.

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The session was very interactive and free software philosophy was dealt in

between making a strong point over importance of free software and named few

It had a insights of four came up to get GNU\Linux installed

to their laptop, which was so overwhelmed to see such incident happening : ).

The session had 38 participants and at the end everyone had a Single Page

Profile. The session was overall fun filled and everyone enjoyed it.

Speakers :
@ms1029 , CORE Member GLUG-PESCE

I see the date of the event is missing. it would be more informative if added. Thanks