TRAI bans differential pricing - A win for net neutrality!


Months together, we have been protesting against Free Basics and TRAI, the regulator today announced in its press release that it will be immediately banning differential pricing for websites.

This is a time to celebrate as each one of us in FSMK have been a part of the protest and have been educating every one around us about the perils of Free Basics.

I’d personally like to thank all of you, we made it! We brought about a policy change. Kudos, us!

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Some material I found on the web:

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This is a pro-FB link


Would that be a problem? We are trying to understand the general media reception right?


No problem. Just that then we would have to collect everything and that would overwhelm.


They’ve come up with a new consultation paper if I am not wrong.

I don’t think we have discussed anything regarding that lately.


New articles where we’ve been featured:

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