Sunday school: Talk on Blockchain (15 Oct)

Sunday school: Talk on Blockchain (15 Oct)

Hello all!

In an attempt to revive the Sunday School initiative, we have organised a talk on Blockchain for 15th Oct (Sunday).

  • If you are interested in the event, please register soon.
  • Please share the poster and form link with your friends and GLUG members and promote the event

Here are the details:

Find out what blockchain is and why it matters with Kartik Mandaville on 15 Oct from 10AM at SpringRole

Register now.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Could you make email id optional on that form? And, could you use openstreetmap instead of Google maps to indicate the location?

Thank you.

If i remember correctly, this is 2 or 3 of the recent sunday school activity right ?

i have a request. For many of us, who would like to attend the meet, but not possible for any nasty reasons we rant around or to avoid two much space filling. Why not folks organizing shall record the guests talking and discussing in one of their HD, high end camera embedded smart phones, and post it in one of the video channels ???

it not that you have not thought about it… but why no stride is made ? i can understand if that seems to discourage enroll/attendence influx.

Hey, don’t worry about the form. Email eas mandatory because we had some links to share with participants after they signed up.

But you can simply come to the venue directly.

I couldn’t find the location on OSM. Hence, Google Maps. But you can try this approximate address:



If you don’t find the building, you can call me.

Sorry for the late response! :slight_smile:


I’m trying to arrange for equipment that would help us do this. If all works out, we’ll release the lecture video.

Will post updates here!

Great suggestion, we will try our best to record it and put it up online. :slight_smile:

A few tweets from the event:

Abhiram Ravikumar (abhi12ravi)

@kar2905 delving into @ethereumproject at @fsmk_org ''s Sunday School. Smart contracts be the key to blockchain! :muscle:

10:28 PM - 14 Oct 2017

Rafy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :india: (rafyasarmatta)

Well spent Sunday morning @springroleinc by @kar2905 on #Blockchain organized by @fsmk_org. Thanks everyone for making it to the event. :innocent::fire:

2:51 AM - 15 Oct 2017


many thanks for organizing an excellent talk.

regards, Krish.