Regional camp GLUE

Regional camp GLUE

We are planning to conduct regional camp on 5-8 April

Our proposed tracks are

JS framework - Angular JS

Hardware- NODEMCU

the above two tracks are confirmed!

Proposal for one more track

R language

Data analysis or data science

C programming (college suggested to conduct this as many don’t know c programming completely. It would also help for placements)

Am finding a resource person for either one of the above topics .

Few other suggested topics were

Ruby language

RoR (only backend)


We welcome few other suggestions !

PS - we have to confirm track by Monday morning so that v can start registration !

Data analysis

Please consider the following things before opting for a track

  1. Do they have knowledge of the dependencies of the track in place? For example, if R language needs to be taught, are we talking about the syntax or are we talking about data set analysis using R? In that case, track should include cleaning of datasets, understanding what needs to be analysed and so on. Similarly apply the questions to other suggested tracks and then pick the appropriate.
  2. What is there knowledge on that topic?
  3. Can that topic be actually covered in 4 days?
  4. Which year of engineering are we talking about?

Please consider all of these questions and then conclude.

Always remember that we can do follow up workshops and please don’t try to pack everything in one. If we do follow up workshops, it’s a good thing as there is momentum that is maintained for the GLUG.

Please contact one of the core members of FSMK for fastening the track finalisation. They’ll be of help in making the right decisions.