Regional Camk 2020 ROFOS

Regional Camk 2020 ROFOS

ROFOS had its first regional camp during 27th February to 1st march.

The camp comprised of 3 tracks

Web Track:

The track was planned for beginners to learn more on JavaScript so that it would be easy for them to strengthen their basics in web technology before moving to advanced web technologies. This track was handled by our hardworking and capable speakers Adil and Ruchika. The 1st 2 days were handled by Adil and later on continued by Ruchika.

Django Track:

This track consisted of 2 topics python and django. Since many were beginners we took python for 1st 2 days and django was further continued. The speakers were alpha@re2rl and aaru swatz.

IOT Track:

Open hardware DIY mesh network with decentralized weather station we the topics covered during the course of the camp. speakers were handled by Chandan, Daniel, Chinmay, and also that some topics were taken up by our volunteers.

All topics were shared by the speakers to the volunteers before delivering that to the participants prior to 1 week.



Introduction to FOSS and Open hardware

Speakers: Milana, Archana

Milana was successfully able to set the basic platform for all the participants to relate freedom software and left them to explore further Archana form the GEON hardware team introduced participants to open hardware and explained the importance of it.



Speaker: Harshith

Harshirh explained the overall view and importance of Localization, adding to that he also explained how we could enable communities to knowledge, without them losing their culture. Explained namma fedora project and its importance.



Speakers: Ruchika, alpha@re2rl

Ruchika was successfully able to explain and make participants understand the importance of privacy and explained why an individual’s data is important and why that individual should have the power/control over their data, to whom they want to share and what they could do with it. alpha@re2rl concluded the session by giving the participants alternatives to some of the proprietary software’s.

ROFOS also followed FSMK’s traditional way of taking feedback. After every session organizer split among themselves and went to different tracks to take feedbacks. There were 3 levels of feedback taken which were participant level, volunteer level and organizer level. Everything including food, non-tech session feedbacks were taken.

It was amazed to see after every day feedback we were successfully able to fix the issues and by the end of the camp organizers came out of the feedback session with an empty sheet. Which resembled we had fixed everything before the end of the camp.

ROFOS thanks FSMK for helping us host this event. Extending our thanks to GLUE and GEON GLUG’s for their support. And also to all those who took efforts in the background for making this camp a success.

We are the future and the future is ours.

Ritian’s Operating Free and Open Source.