Python hands on session at TFSC

Python hands on session at TFSC

Greeting from TFSC !!!

A python hands on session was organised by Progate.Inc on 23rd of march 2018 in BMSIT&M. The speakers were Takuno Nishimura, Yash Raj and Sangeetha.

The session began with an introduction of the company and what they do. Then they gave us access to their BMSIT portal to join the dashboard which was specially made for the workshop. This portal had courses on various domains like python, java, ruby and many more. Each course had various lessons which started off from the scratch and activities based on the concepts they learnt in that lesson in the form of levels. The participants were given the freedom to choose the domain that they were interested in. Most of them were mainly 1st year and they chose python. It was a very interactive session where the participants had to solve the questions by learning the concepts on their own. They were provided necessary assistance by the speakers.

At the end of the session top 3 participants who reached the maximum level in 1hour were awarded with prizes (Amazon gift vouchers) and participants were given merchandise. All the winners reached up to level 19.

Some students even got a glimpse and hands on experience of their upcoming beta application which was based on web designing.

Finally, a token of appreciation was given to the speakers.

Later some of the second-year students had an informal discussion with the speakers. When asked about their views on free software, they said it was good to learn and develop new and improved software and agreed to the ideology of the free software. They wanted to sign an MoU with our college on completion of which link will be given and the students can do the courses for free and those who completed the courses would get an opportunity to do internship with stipend pay.

This is about the session we had with Progate. Will keep you updated about our next events.

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