Overview of the Orientation @TFSC

Overview of the Orientation @TFSC

Greetings from TFSC!

We’re really glad to announce that the orientation program conducted in our college was a grand success. We had an interactive audience! I’d like to list some of the topics discussed by the speaker @voidspace :

  1. Who are people?

What is technology?

2. Free Software as a model for growth;

The need for Free Software from Economic and Skill perspectives.
3. Why does it all matter and why do people contribute?
4. OpenStreetMaps, Localisation, LibreDigitalLibrary, Freedom hardware, Free knowledge portals and Evangelism
5. How Free Software enables Privacy
6. Open Source vs Freedom Software
7. Gender inclusivity and it’s need;

Women and Technology
8. FSMK and it’s role ;

Why should anyone join?

We had a few participants who showed interest in joining the GLUG after the session.

Here are a few pictures :slight_smile:

After this formal session, a few of us interacted with Ram and Abhinav Suriya. We spoke about UIDAI Scam and Atheism. We wanted to start mapping our college as our first contribution to OSM and we were amused to notice that many buildings of our college have already been mapped. :smiley:

We are awaiting Feedback from the Participants to decide on further sessions.

The team that’s focusing on LDL is ready with the Wikipedia content and will set up a demo server soon after our Internals and proceed further.

OSM team also will start their contributions soon.

Localisation team is waiting for some more mentoring.

So far,these are the updates from TFSC.

We’ll keep you all updated about our sessions. We’d love your participation. Suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks and regards,