Open Day- When IISc unveils its research to the public

Open Day- When IISc unveils its research to the public

Open Day is an annual event where the Indian Institute of Science opens its doors to general public to visit, learn, ask and understand the research-culture there.Open Day is organized to showcase research in the Institute and to communicate important concepts in science and engineering to the general public.

Just like last year, FSMK had a stall this year at the CSA(Computer Science and Automation) department. There were three desks:

Desk A: Introduction to Free Software and its ideals and what we do @FSMK.

Also, the details of interested participants were collected so they could be contacted for further

details and sessions.

Desk B: L10N LION-Demonstration of Localisation lead by @frogstercess where the need for

Localisation was explained and a glimpse of NammaFedora project was given. Participants

were also engaged in localizing a few English words to Kannada

Desk C: Open Hardware-Demonstration of a Weather Station set up using

NodeMCU- Microcontroller,BMP 180-Barometric Pressure and Temperature Sensor,DHT11-

Humidity Sensor and a Raindrop Sensor.

Participants were ranging from Undergraduate and School Students to Professionals from various domains. There were very enthusiastic students who came up with various questions and suggestions too! It was a very nice experience interacting with such a diverse crowd and we got to learn a lot in this journey! We got to meet our friends from the WinterCamp 2018 also as a few of them had come all the way from Hassan to participate in the Stall.

I personally thank everyone who contributed to the Stall taking some time from their busy schedules and are responsible for making this event a memorable and a successful one! :blush:

Expecting everyone to share their experiences too!

Regards and Cheers,

Aishwarya Chandrashekar