Need of contribution for GLUG Android App

Need of contribution for GLUG Android App

Hello guys, we (Asif and Adarsh) started developing an Android App few months ago known for FOCUS. This App is made for coordination of glug activities and also to keep you updated with latest technical updates.
So far we have done this:

  1. Improved UX - Allowing the user to use bare bones of the App without logging in.
  2. Basic functionality of the App is working where we have 2 tabs:
    i) Trending
    ii) Sessions
    Trending: This tab keeps you updated with all new technical trends also allows you to add new post with JUST A LINK , so just copy paste a link and extracts necessary data and presents you a summary of the post. Along with that you can also create a Custom post with your desired title-description-photo. We give you the right to LIKE and also to DISLIKE a post.
    Sessions: This tab provides the information of the upcoming sessions in the respective glugs. Only a glug head or coordinator can provide (add) this information and others can read it. Information contains - About session, Resource person - with designation, place, room no., coordinator - phone and email.

User is given the privilege to comment on posts as well as on sessions.

  1. User Profile - User can view anyone’'s profile which further contains the details about the user including- Name, Profile pic, status and his posts or/and sessions.
  2. Search - You can search through the app among posts and sessions.

Note: FOCUS is not a chat App.

Appeal: As the App is open source of course, we are stuck and also need help as well as contribution from open source community. We need an Android Enthusiast who is willing to contribute. Area of contribution - SYNC ADAPTER- we need the app to be smart and does all syncing automatically with the server (currently we are using LAMP with slim framework for rest Apis- I know it’'s painful :stuck_out_tongue:) whenever there are changes on the mobile.

Project link on github: FOCUS Android App

Edit: I would also like to use Discourse APIs for Trending tab, so anyone who can guide me will be great.
Interested people may ping me for more info on @asifali ,telegram- @AliAsif , mail-, phone- 8892405273

Thank you, #firstPost :smiley: