Mobile app for citizen whistle-blowing - Celebrating Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz designed a web application, called DeadDrop, to aid journalists and whistle-blowers. After his death, this project was developed as a fork called SecureDrop[1][2][3]. The code for SecureDrop can be found on Github[4]
The idea is to develop a mobile app that can interface with SecureDrop to help citizens report problems to news agencies. These problems could be corruption, hit-and-run accident cases, acts of violence, or anything that you think is wrong and needs to be reported.

  • What should the mobile app do?
  1. It should enable the camera and microphone to capture audio-video data
  2. It should gather the GPS data to locate the area for the report to be logged [User should be able to disable this] Might conflict with point 4 if this is enabled.
  3. The mobile app should obfuscate any identifying information of the user. SecureDrop already handles some parts of this
  4. It should allow the user to hide her identity so that she is not targeted. Tor integration is needed.
  5. There should be an option for an investigating agency to leave a message which can be accessed only by the unique device without divulging the identity unless the user desires. This is already implemented on the web version.
  6. The data should get logged in multiple repositories to prevent the data from getting deleted
  7. The mobile app should leverage all the features of SecureDrop[5]

Will update other features that may be considered critical to the functioning of a citizen journalist. The security of the citizen journalist should be considered as the highest priority.

MUST READ: [users need to read] [journalists need to read]



An important part of this process is to ensure support for journalistic organisations who would like to use the mobile app and the SecureDrop platform to enable whistleblowers.

TASK 1: Install the SecureDrop application on a system and configure it
TASK 2: Give a live demonstration



Already started work by FSMK on APP ? and What have we planned for Jan11 ?


The mobile app is a proposal and a large task which requires several individuals to work on. The plan for Jan 11 is being developed please share your suggestions


Here is a mobile app for citizen journalism
Now we need one for whistle-blowing





This link is of relevance to the project “ACLU Apps to Record Police Conduct”