Live Session on Blender by GUILD

Live Session on Blender by GUILD


We at GUILD from CMRIT, Bangalore are conducting a live session on Blender. Blender is a free/libre and open-source tool suite for 3D ( and 2D ) content creation. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of using Blender and receive a brief introduction to 3D modelling. We hope to give you all the necessary knowledge you need to build anything you want on Blender.

Schedule: Sunday, 12th April 2020 - 3 PM

Stream Link:

( You can add a reminder to the stream by visiting the stream link now and clicking on “Set Reminder” )

Questions will be entertained from both youtube chat and from IRC : ##guild-club on freenode

The session will be handled by Kevin Mahesh Kuriakose [ aka Technohacker on github ], GUILD member passionate about 3D modelling, graphic design and free software.


  1. Blender 2.82a ( Install the version suited for your OS
  2. (Optional but Recommended) Mouse with a scroll wheel
  3. (Optional but Recommended) Keyboard with a Number Pad
  4. A will to learn!


  1. A small introduction to what Blender is, a few examples of Blender in the multimedia world ( cinematic VFX 3D animation, 3D game assets, 3d printing).
  2. Get attendees familiar with using Blender’s tools to look around and modify resources.
  3. Basic modelling project to learn as we progress.

Hope you are safe and healthy. Looking forward to joining you in the live stream.


I appreciate your efforts.

Blender is a complicated tech to teach live in person, leave alone online session. I really appreciate your effort.

Also Blender is very stable, professional animation and modelling tool. Yet, very few people end up learning it due to

  1. complexity in learning
  2. less learning material and professional tutors.

I also see that the session is about to be streamed over I was just wondering what are the difficulties being faced while using Free Software alternatives to Youtube such as Jitsi , Peertube, etc.

Again, I appreciate your efforts.

Hi, thank you for your response !

We had an internal discussion which addressed this very topic, where some insisted on using free software alternatives, but we faced latency issues with Jitsi while running blender. The problem with peer tube is that there doesn’t exist a way hold a live stream currently on that particular platform.

We also tried streaming the entire desktop live using ffmpeg to record the desktop and stream using an RTMP server and viewing the stream using vlc [ or other clients ] and have IRC as our primary means of QnA, however we felt this approach to be a little cumbersome and bulky, not everyone would be comfortable using that particular setup. Most people weren’t familiar with IRC, or RTMP etc.

Ultimately we chose youtube because it worked, was convenient, and was accessible by more people than other solutions we thought up for, and also because we ran out of time to find a more suitable alternative.

We will upload today’s livestream as videos on peer tube.

We will definitely solve this issue and come up with free-software enabled solutions for future livestreams.