Jonas in India - what technical activities can be planned with him in Bangalore?


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From: Raghavendra Selvan
Date: 22 October 2015 at 16:53
Subject: Jonas in India, again

I recently moved to Denmark, and happened to meet Jonas Smedeggard (I presume you know him) - the Debian developer who was in Bangalore 2011.

In any case, he is going to be in India for two months starting December, 2015. Right now, he has plans with Swecha and a team working on “Hamara Linux” in Delhi. He is working on the agenda of Debian custom distributions.

He was asking if FSMK was planning some project on these lines (like the Namma Debian), or want to float a new custom Debian distribution to address the internet cafes. He wants to make his plans to come to BLR, if it is along these lines.

While he was in BLR last time, we met a lot of people and had some enthusiastic meetups. If he is BLR, I think he also expects us to host him.

Let me know what you think. If we think it is a good idea, I can ask him to get in touch with you.



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From: Vikram Vincent
Date: 1 November 2015 at 13:49
Subject: Re: Jonas in India, again
To: FSMK-Core

Namma Debian built on the localisation work done by a lot of non-FSMK people and it gave us brand value and visibility at a time when we were hatchlings.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is what was the impact with Namma Debian in terms of usage, reach to newer audience, creation of technical community, engagement with teachers-students in rural areas where Kannada is actually needed, etc At present, ITfC already has a focus in schools using Ubuntu and I remember that they encouraged teachers to contribute to localisation of school tools(Gcompris). Do engineering students need a Kannada based distro? So if we choose to revive the Namma Debian brand, can we add sufficient value to it?

I think we need to use the opportunity to get some development tasks going so that more students are involved. For now, I’d suggest that we need to look at practical requirements. For example, Swecha is looking at promoting the Freedombox and hence their work. Can we look at privacy tools? Can we come out with a distro that supports journalists to safely communicate with whistle-blowers? So basically, what is our niche area? For some ideas of niche areas we can look at Debian pure blends There are a whole range of blends that we can adopt and perhaps localise to our latest avatar of Namma Debian.

Please do check it out and let us come up with a concrete plan.


Is anything decided on this or we let it pass?


We need to decide. I was waiting for some suggestions from the members. Any suggestions on what we can take up? The last option is to let it pass


Everyone looks held up. I will be held up in December too. It would be a shame to let it pass.


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Final call else we pass


Can someone share more detail on Namma Debian project ? I could not find any relevant content from old our website archive too


I just read news articles about it. I couldn’t find anything else.


It appears that we may not be able to host Jonas this time around. Closing this thread.