IN/Clojure 2018

IN/Clojure 2018


I was emailed about IN/Clojure[1] conference happening in Bengaluru on 12th and 13th of January by our friends at Nilenso[2].

This edition includes a one-day workshop on Clojure on the 12th and a single-track presentations conference on the 13th.

They’d like to see more participation from women this time as well as other under-represented groups. Their aim is to create an inclusive conference, and towards their end, they are providing grants[3] to those in need.

If there are any clojure enthusiasts, please do sign up. They are more than happy to welcome beginners as well.





P.S: FSMK is not hosting this event. I have shared this on personal request and nothing more.

The workshop fees seems too steep for a beginner workshop. Is there any reason behind this?

FSMK is not hosting this. You’ll have to ask the hosts about that. I will edit my original post to mention that FSMK is not hosting this conf.