Hacktivist Camp

Hacktivist Camp

We have decided to organise a 3 days Hacktivist Camp ( From July 28th to 30th tentatively ) involving various students from different colleges across the state, and other professionals. The main aim of this camp will be to mobilise thought, create awareness of tools for making a positive impact on the world using digital medium and spread knowledge for benefit of all humanity. Along with this, we aim to spread the philosophy of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and its key role in bringing positive change to the world. Unlikely the past camps and workshops, this camp will be focused on non technical content. Camps organised during the past years, over 7-9 days of residential in nature, for an average of 150 college students were focused on technical content. This camp is intended to core and active members of FSMK to reinstate the philosophical and political understanding of free software, open knowledge , commons in general and lot more. As always camps will be filled with loads of learning and fun :smiley:

Updates so far : We have contacted Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melukote for hosting the camp and they responded very positively. However we have not got any final confirmation. We shall follow up with the academy in coming days.

Let’'s meet at FSMK office this Sunday(4th June) 11 AM to initiate a discussion regarding organising aspects of hacktivist camp. Main areas of discussion

  1. Framing Content
  2. Defining participants selection process.

Your suggestions are welcome

Free Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) is organising a 3 day Hacktivist Camp to develop leadership skills and reinforce the organisation principles among the participants so that they can reach out to newer sections of society and create more hacktivists for the movement. Participants of the camp will be students from different colleges (where the FSMK units are active) across the state , community centre activists, academicians, hackers and professionals. Hacktivist camp aims to build thought leadership, activism and critical thinking to effectively involve in issues where Free Software technology and its philosophies can be applied. Camp is happening in a juncture where campaigns like Net Neutrality, Save-the-internet, Anti Aadhar, etc are all the more relevant for retaining the freedom on Internet.

Camp is an opportunity for us to strategize the activities for the medium and long term. At the same time it gives the participants an opportunity to share ideas, equip ourselves with new ways to work among people. Discussion on various relevant topics, framing a draft plan for future activities and prioritising action plans based on discussion will be held during this program.

For registration and more detail https://forms.fsmk.org/index.php/724294

Minutes of meeting below.

  • Targeted at FSMK core members.
  • 3 day activist camp; 28-30 July. Mainly discussed on first day activities as the second and third day programs are finalized.
  • Traveling plan to be decided.
  • Agenda:
    • Content
      • First day:
        • Technical sessions as arrival of people might be delayed.
        • In talks with core contributors currently for localization
        • Contribution to commons. Translating or writing articles. Building hardware, mapping using OSM.
        • Why localization?
          • Plays a significant role in movement.
          • FSMK has been planning to create a group for this purpose. There already exists a group which is translate current FSMK content.
          • Activities for localization - translating, creating content, focusing on fonts, and building applications; open data with OSM. GTFS;
          • For translation, articles have to be handpicked. Translating random articles does not benefit the organization FSMKs objective.
          • What are the steps for localizing software? Need to have procedures for doing it efficiently.
          • It is a feasible activity.
          • Sprint for localizing;
          • Tools for translating - transfix
          • Creating fonts/ replicating fonts that exist in the digital world.
          • Mobile application for tagging words and its meaning in other English
          • Cons: No experts
        • Hardware + localization: Freedom box, mesh network for day 2 and 3 after main sessions
        • Talking about free software and its impacts on the society:
          • How has FS changed the lives of people?
          • Process for discussion:
            • Groups of people to discuss within certain time limit and then put forth their points to the general audience and the panel.

Though we decided to go with localization theme for hands on activities, we could not come up with a concrete plan in the last meeting. The hacktivist camp to be the starting point for coordinated localization efforts. It has been a while FSMK trying to set up a localization team. I hope we get better clarity by this week end. You may please share your thoughts.

So far 32 individuals registered.

DM me if you have registered and not received any confirmation email.

is there any scope to organize such events in other states such as in NE region??

We can definitely guide you to conduct such camps.
When you said NE region, which state you are referring to?
If I am not wrong, a FOSS group has been formed in Tripura state recently and affiliated to FSMI(fsmi.in). We can also help you get in touch with them.

i’'m talking about assam particularly silchar

Hello Guys, We’'ve Formed a Foss Group in Assam.
Looking forward for your support and guidance

Great news :slight_smile:
You may please create a new post and share more detail there.