GLUFRECA 2018 @ GLUE, Hassan

GLUFRECA 2018 @ GLUE, Hassan

GLUE’s 3rd edition of GLUFRECA 2018 regional camp organized on the dates, 5th to 8th of April.

About 90+ participants from various local colleges took part along with 20+ active volunteers got the camp successful once again. In association with the open hardware GLUG GEON organized ENRIFS.

Track Details:

We had two different software tracks.

JavaScript framework-Angular.js & Ruby.


The track had about 37 participants mostly from first and second year and 5 volunteers to handle. The track speakers @voidspace and @frankanstine gave a good understanding right from the clean basics of web technologies.


The track had about 25+ participants with 5 volunteers. Darshan and Rahul were the track speakers here.

All the technical session were started nearly at 9 am on the each day.

Nontechnical sessions:

Day1: Madhudeepa on FOSS. The session discussed about all the Foss details.

Day2: Chinmayee on Gender in technology. The role of gender in today’s technological fields was discussed. Also the discrimination seen here with few participants added their views to the discussion.

Day3: A session on Data privacy was handled by Ruchika. The facts on how one’s data is treated on the Internet, awareness on how one can protect their privacy was discussed.

Role of each end every voluenteer and the organization team was essential for the success if the camp. Thank you Amith, Prajwal, Anirudha,Anagha, Madhudeepa, Yeshshwini, Anandh, Suhas, Brijesh, Rakshitha, Chinmayee, Danial, Gagana, Chandan and the list goes on.

Congratulations to all the organizing team members.