Gluefreca 2019

Gluefreca 2019

Here we are! Successfully completed 4th regional camp of GLUE at Government engineering college, Hassan. Hurrryy!!

The 4 days long camp held on the dates 21st to 24th of March was backed by about 15+ volunteers and 90+ participants from different colleges around Hassan.

This time we introduced Flask and Flutter as the software tracks to the participants.


Speakers for the track were, Rizma, Gunjan and Ram for the consecutive days.


Speakers for the track were, Vignesh and Dharshan.

Non-technical Sessions:

Day1: Rizma and Vignesh on introduction to FOSS.

Day2: Ruchika BN on Privacy.

Day3: Kumudhwathi and Chinmayee from geon on

Gender in tech.

Day4: Ram on tech4democracy.

Role of each and every volunteer and organizing team was essential for the success of this camp.Thank you Sujan, Siri, Spandana, Sharmila, Bharath, Sanjay, Nikhil, Amulya, Saikruthi, Devayya, Manoj.

We will come back soon with another regional camp next year.