Certificate Generator for Odoo

In the fast-paced world of today, where digital advancements shape our daily routines, the need for efficient and automated workflows has become more crucial than ever before. Acknowledging this necessity, during my internship I worked on the project – the Certificate Generator.
This innovative tool has been designed to simplify and automate the process of certificate creation and distribution for various purposes like academic achievements, training completion, or event participation. It accomplishes this by seamlessly integrating the names of chosen participants and the specific event details onto a predefined template linked to the event form. This means no more manual input or repetitive tasks. Certificate generator was incorporated in the Event module of Odoo, an open-source ERP system, which I was introduced to during my internship. XML for frontend, Python for backend and PostgreSQL (psql) for database was employed, combining the versatility of XML and Python programming with the robust relational database capabilities of PostgreSQL for a comprehensive and efficient solution.
The Odoo user interface was taken into consideration when creating the certificate generator, and a button that opens a wizard was included on the event form. The wizard will pre-select all the event-registered participants from the data-base, for mailing. More participants can be added or removed; it also contains a pre-selected mailing template specially designed for mailing certificates, the template can also be edited or another template can be selected. We can attach a certificate template of our choice to the event page along with the dimensions for the event name and participant names. The dimensions of the participant names will be taken from the centre of the name such that participant names of different length can be accommodated on the same position. The certificate will be attached to the mails that will be individually sent to the participants in PDF format and it will be pre-named as “certificate” for the participants. If the user/sender is not sure about the dimensions of the details or the look of the certificate they can also use the preview button that I’ve added to the wizard which will download an example certificate to the download folder of the user’s system. The example pdf will contain ‘example participant name’ and ‘example event name’ on the certificate template according to the dimensions that were provided by the user.
This addon, reduces the workload of making certificates manually for all the participants, saves time, reduces errors and automates the task efficiently, ensuring that the final certificate aligns perfectly with the aesthetics of the event of any organization.
Link for the addon model