Building Blogs using Wordpress

Under Abhiram, our club member of the FOSS Cell, an engaging WordPress Blogging Workshop unfolded, offering participants a practical introduction to creating and managing blogs using the WordPress platform. He covered the fundamentals, guiding attendees through the process of setting up their own WordPress sites and crafting compelling content.
The hands-on nature of the workshop, coupled with the support of experienced club members, empowered participants to delve into the world of blogging. They learned to navigate the WordPress dashboard, customize themes, and publish their first blog posts. The event garnered significant interest, drawing a diverse group of participants, and concluded as a resounding success.
A heartfelt commendation goes out to the dedicated members of the FOSS Cell, and especially to Abhiram for leading a successful WordPress Workshop. We all are expecting more opportunities and workshops from the club in the future!:clap::confetti_ball: