Report of FSMI GC meeting


Hi folks,

I had the pleasure of attending my first FSMI General Council meeting along with @Raghuram, @shijil & @shashankmc on the 8th of this month at Chennai. It was hosted by FSFTN at Nungambakkam, Chennai.

These were the highlights:

  • Meeting started off with an introduction of the chair and a brief overview of the purpose being, 2nd FSMI National Conference to be held in the month of January at Chennai.
  • Guest speaker for the meeting was Dr. P. Balasubramanian , head of the Open Technology Group at NIC (National Informatics Centre) discussed in length about the challenges faced by his department in deploying scalable FOSS based solutions for e-Governance solutions.
  • This was succeeded by a report from each member organization about its activities over the past year.
  • FSMK’s report (as mentioned above + a few other details) was presented by @Raghuram


  • I gave an overview about what we do at FSMK Camps and how it has helped our organization garner support & contributions - every time.
  • A few resolutions that were proposed by the Executive Committee & ratified by the council were:
    –2nd FSMI National Level Conference set to happen at Chennai during January 29, 30 & 31, 2016.
    – Conference will host delegates from each member organization as well as general public as well.
    – Organizing body at the venue is FSFTN - hereinafter known as the “host”.
    – Total footfall expected as of now is around 2500 of which the targeted number of delegates is 560 (as confirmed by the host).
    – Allocated number of delegates for FSMK is 80 in number.
    – The names of the delegates will be decided in the upcoming FSMK General Body (GB) meeting using a transparent process, more inputs on this from @shijil
    – As a member organization, help from FSMK and its volunteers has been solicited to put up a successful conference - in the form of time, effort, connections and raising donations among other areas of contributions.
  • As a parallel campaign idea, we discussed about the Software Patents act in India and how we can run an effective campaign against violations of free thought & FOSS philosophy as a run up to the conference. Refer: Software Patents . Do comment below if you’d like to be a part of the campaign!

If I’ve missed any other updates, feel free to add them.

Signing off! Customary selfie, not so customary photo-point. :blush:

[Report] Activities by FSMK Jan-Oct 2015