Nomination to one slot in FSMI general council



In brief, FSMI is composed of representatives from its member organisations. Four slots from FSMK went vacant and we want to nominate members for a period of two months till the next conference. If there are several nominees, we will select one who best fits the role.

I use the word nominate since a convention will be the conducted prior to the national conference where delegates of FSMK will be selected. During the conference in January 2016, the delegates will elect the next set of GC members who, in turn, will elect the FSMI EC.

Right now, from FSMK EC Divya, Shashank and Shijil were nominated and we have one more slot. It was suggested that we nominate somebody from fsmk-core.

So this discussion is to identify FSMK activists who have contributed actively and are currently active at the national level in free software communities so that FSMI may benefit from their dynamism.

Opening this for discussion.

Please note that this discussion will close on 1 November 2015 at 23:59hrs as we have to send the names to FSMI. There will be a FSMI EC meeting on 7th and GC meeting on 8th at Chennai.



Is Sarath interested?


Sarath has moved to Delhi to join SFLC. He has to build a team there now :slight_smile:


What about Vignesh sir?


Vignesh is unable to take up this responsibility. The nomination is for non-EC members at present. Please see criteria in the original post


I nominate @abhi12ravi I think he has good credibility within FSMK, has contributed to community building in different parts of the country and is dynamic.


I nominate Prabodh sir! He has been a part of FSMK for a long time now, always ready to explore new avenues and our key person while we need to get in touch with academicians. He will be a great fit, in my opinion.


He is already a part of the GC :slight_smile: We need fresh blood :wink:


My bad, sorry. Where do I find a list of Council members and EC?


Current members from FSMK on the FSMI EC:

The elected list of GC members from FSMK were:
1 Jaykumar
2. Senthil
3. Karthik
4. Vikram
5. Balaji
6. Prabodh
7. Surendra
8. Naveen

Changes that took place:
Karthik -> Raghuram

To be replaced:
Senthil -> Divya
Balaji -> Shijil
Surendra -> Shashank
Naveen -> ?


I vote @abhi12ravi .


How many are interested in the first place? I think anyone graduating in the coming year and active here should be nominated. Yes? And based on the nominations, a vote can happen?

I know that @abhi12ravi @Rahulkondi are graduating this year. Are you both interested?


I am. But I don’t think I’ll be able to spend time on this. I can surely try. But I’d rather not risk it. Plus, @abhi12ravi is anyday a better candidate than I am. I vote for him. :smile:


This is going to be such bromance, but I was just about to vote for @Rahulkondi .
Here’s my reasoning:

  • Kondi’s been associated with FSMK for much longer than I am
  • He’s been to various campaigns and conferences like the one against net neutrality violations in Bangalore, and the consilience15 organized by National Law School of India, Bangalore
  • He has a great relationship with folk from the startup ecosystem and also the various other Tech groups in Bangalore, which can be very helpful later on!

I really feel he’s the better fit for the position, although he feels the same about me. And so we’ve reached a deadlock! : P


@shashankmc since you’ve also been nominated for the council, what according to you are some of the responsibilities the members need to handle?
As you know, we both are equally occupied (maybe @Rahulkondi more) - so if it’s going to take too much time we might not do justice to the part!


Most of the time - it is the ability to understand the situation, analyse it and basically take your stand on it whenever discussions happen on that. And of course spread the word on what the right thing to do is. I’m not much experienced in the same. So, you will have to ask someone else for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t done justice to the part myself. I don’t think it’s going to take much time. Remember this is for FSMI GC. And it will be re-elected again in the month of January 2016. So, it’s going to be a temporary thing. But one will get a good exposure on how things work.


Is there any way @abhi12ravi and I can share the delegation/membership? :smile:

Vikram tells me it’s a temporary position, only till December. After which FSMI will undergo yet another overhaul. So I guess I am up for it.
I’d still prefer Abhi or maybe even @jee1mr taking up the position. :)yum:


I nominate @abhi12ravi!


Closing the discussion with the general consensus being @abhi12ravi
We would love to take more people but there is only one vacancy. Do join us for the convention where we will select the delegates to the conference.