Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Remote Hijacking: Baidu Wrote the Code, But Google Made it Possible


Yet another Android vulnerability. Very unfortunate that Android is the only phone operating system that is at least partially free software.

I wish we had a complete libre hardware phone running a fully free GNU/Linux!


Reminds me of Ex-Machina (movie). Privacy has become a joke these days.


I haven’t seen the movie. Will probably do.

It won’t be a joke if we resolutely refuse to use these non-free user exploiting software. We just have to reject non-free software and services no matter how ravishing they look or feel. They play the siren’s song, and we follow like sheep. In a way, we are the problem. Real solutions and alternatives exist for many things, but we just don’t like the solutions. So, we come up with excuses…