Migration to free platforms for communication


I didn’t mean to say we should adopt Kontalk. I don’t even like Kontalk all that much. But, Kontalk has been very reliable. And, it’s built on XMPP. So, if we can find out what XEPs Kontalk has implemented to achieve this, we can just use plain old XMPP with those particular XEPs enabled.



I think XMPP with the right extensions (XEPs) enabled can satisfy all our requirements.


Conversations (the Android XMPP client) has a list of XMPP features and good explanations of them here at https://github.com/siacs/Conversations#xmpp-features


Has there been any concrete development on the alternatives we’re going to use?


Looking at the suggestions, there seems to be a consensus on XMPP based protocols with Conversations as the mobile client. We will have to create a small system-admin team to implement not only this but also the diaspora pod and office network administration.


@sarath_ms @shijil, @arunisaac has been coming over to office more than once to try to install XMPP on a laptop using our ACT connection but there have been hiccups. Is it possible to host XMPP on our VPS? How fast can it be done?

I have already exited all FSMK telegram groups in anticipation :slight_smile:

Migrating XMPP (Jabber) host from discuss.fsmk.org to fsmk.org

If you quit thinking this alternative will be ready soon, I’d say ‘too soon’.

Anyway, I have setup a server on the VPS with basic configuration, we need to start trying it out. For now, let it be tested by a few before we can let more people try. We need to see if we can manage it with existing resources, or will we need to procure more.

If we want to use it as frequently and as much as we have been using Telegram, I’m guessing we will need to spend more time and money on it. That’s how decentralization works! :smirk:


We, FOSS Community of India, have been using XMPP for group chats successfully for quite some time (visit us at fci@conference.diasp.in). It has almost all features of Telegram (forget those crappy stickers) and Whatsapp. We’ve setup it as part of the diaspora instances we manage (Poddery and Diasp.in) so that one with an account in either can use it. From our experience, it isn’t that much difficult.

FSMK also can set it up in a VPS and use it as a viable alternative to Telegram and Whatsapp, for sure.


You can use the diaspora-installer package on jessie to setup a diaspora pod with no manual configuration. Also with a little bit of work, you can get prosody working and link diaspora account with prosody. We do it for both diasp.in and poddery.com


Also now the discourse and mailing list is separate, you can connect them together and allow posting to discourse from email, and having nice archives for your mailing lists.


I think load testing is important :wink: Can we do the testing on FSMK namespace itself? From what I have been reading, XMPP with a good frontend should be sufficient.


A test platform using xmpp has been created and Conversations can be used to access it. Stay tuned for more details.




Configuring XMPP chat client on your mobile phone ( this is a trial run )

Conversation being stable and has strong community base we recommend to use Conversation. For a different app check here
###How to Install :
Download Conversation client from F-Droid / web URL ( https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=eu.siacs.conversations)
###Creating account :
From home screen go to Manage Account (Choose from top right menu ) -> Add New Account.
Under Jabber ID provide desired user name in below format
Next choose a strong password
Check “Register new account on Server”
###How to join FSMK Discuss :
Go back to main screen->Choose Add option
Select Conferences tab and choose join
Choose your account under Your Account and type conference.discuss.fsmk.org under Conference address box
Chose Join

See you there :smiley:


Rooms I know are of the format roomname@domainname. Could you please create a common room for everyone to join?


Try joining to talk@conference.discuss.fsmk.org


I suggest a shorter domain name like conference.fsmk.org (remove discuss) or even groups.fsmk.org (since its functionally same as WhatsApp/Telegram groups).



I think this has been somewhat addressed by this post!!