How many of you would like to work on paid projects under FSMK?


Reply with your name, your experience, links to projects you have worked on and future plans for the next six months. [edit] While a sample of the projects are documented under the tag of projects, a few paying ones are expected soon. However, we will only select those who have proven skills. Thus, it is advised to sharpen the skills of logical thinking, problem solving and coding.


no one?! this is strange


You should have first listed details of the projects you have on hand to help the members know whether it is in their domain area and/or worth their time. Secondly, you should have asked members to PM you with the details that you seek. Placing your cards on the table first is a nice idea.

I was watching this post of yours for these many days and was wondering who would take the ‘bait’ first and respond. Apparently, all are quite intelligent; so nobody took the bait thus far, so to say.


@sudharshan_hyd you have raised a valid point. This post is more like a survey to get a feel of the number of people and the associated skill sets we have at our disposal to get projects and deploy them.
Second, irrespective of the project it is the skills which are important because if the person has problem solving and coding skills then picking up a language is not a difficult task. So the objective was to also get our group to develop these skills by working on ‘authentic problems’ reflecting real needs. These projects have been documented under the ‘Projects’ tag and have active mentors.


I’m interested. My experience is 3.6 years mostly in web backend development, android native applications development, rest webservices, spring, java and have exposure to frontend development too.


Hema Prathaban I am interested kernel developer experience of 2 years



Hi Hema, You would need to prepare a statement of purpose based on the requirements mentioned in the internship/full-time position thread and send it across.


If you are still interested, please have a look at Internship positions at FSMK Please the requirements mentioned