FSMK website suggestions and tweaking


yes the website has come out awsome, and love the fsmk discuss portal also.

The website is perfect when viewed on a smartphone
But when I m on my laptop or desktop I find alignment inconsistencies


zoom in and zoom out that is ctrl+ ctrl- changes the button links aligment from single line to 2 line


changes of fonts for differnt articles makes it uneasy to view


that empty space on the ad rotator

top left buttons not visible


Crossing of titles when viewed on smartphone


@mohdisham Good to see you again after long time :smiley:
Next time you may report issues here for the ease of tracking it. I am going to look into these issues ASAP.


We deployed base discourse without any customization(s). I guess it require a fix in base product , or we need to update the source with latest if this issue was already reported and fixed. Discourse source is available here(not the latest though).
Probably we might need your help to proceed further.


A manual mistake of not keeping the right resolution of image. 1349 x 381 is what fit for current theme. Next time onwards I can cross verify it before uploading.