FSMI & Member organisations


Has anyone noticed that the FSM West Bengal link in FSMI Member organisations page takes you to a chinese website? The other sites also contain stale information. If you guys have access to those webmasters, perhaps, you can inform them.

One wonders, how active FSMI and the member organisations are if the members don’t find time to keep their websites fresh and updated regularly?


I think the generalisation of website maintenance as a reflection of an organisation’s activity is not appropriate. For example, FSMK has a lot of activity happening on-ground and as part of the Sunday school and as part of the GLUGs but this may not reflect on the website. The website also needs a lot of improvement in terms of content and functionality. It is possible that the team forgot to renew the domain which could happen to anyone.


Surely responsibilities have been delegated to members. You’ve yourself said website also needs a lot of improvement…
which means you agree that this area has been left unattended for quite long.The websites are the platform where Free Source’s activities and efforts are articulated. When members let the domains expire, how can that be accepted - it is not an individual’s website; but the Institution’s.


I conveyed your message to the appropriate people. Thanks for pointing it out.

My disagreement was to linking an entire organisation’s activity to a website issue.
I can give simple use-cases:
– One person registers the domain for a long period of time and somewhere in the middle there are other priorities for that individual and they disappear. No one notices until the website goes down
– The website team got dissolved for any set of reasons

IMO a reasonable observation would be “The website team is not responsive” or “they were not careful enough to observe the domain lapsing”


I stand corrected.



Seems fine now.