Federation on discourse


I am a member of both discuss.fsmk.org and discuss.fsftn.org - both run discourse. Often, there are topics (especially event notifications) I would like to post on both forums. But, right now, I have to do it manually, and often, I end up not doing it.

So, is there a way to federate on discourse? That is, post on one forum and both forums should be able to see the new topic.

Having separate servers is better decentralization and is good. But, fragmentation of the community and missing out on the larger community are prices to pay.

Note that, earlier, I had brought up the idea of having a unified forum for all FSMI as well.


Let’s build a plugin that posts announcements or links to announcements to discourse instances.
I like Telegram’s Channels. We could mimic that behaviour. Have a bot/user logging into all instances of discourse you wish to be part of. And we’d use that to post to all or select forums.



A good project idea for one of the many aspiring web developers in FSMK to take up! Anybody up for it?


If only the idea were around last year. I’d have taken it up as a mini-project. For college. Anybody currently in third year looking for mini project ideas can do this. You’ll have an entire community to support you. :wink:


Also, are there ways to aggregate blogs into discourse? Because, some stuff that I post would also be relevant on my blog, but now I have to post manually in both places. Or post just a link here, which is not very nice.

It might be good if there is some kind of API that will allow me to integrate this site’s discourse installation into my blog’s comments section. Perhaps, such an API already exists?


Are you sure that’s a good idea? Not that it’s a bad idea. But we’d be doing too many things on Discourse. The primary aim is to have debates and discussions. While what you propose isn’t very different from this aim, I believe the FSMK Planet is a better platform for that.

As far as linking is concerned, you can always post question or a topic of debate with the blogpost link so people can discuss it here.
What do you think?


I was just thinking aloud. Ultimately, whoever is working on the plugin/project must decide what is within the scope of their work.

But, perhaps you are right. Perhaps blog aggregation is better suited for FSMK Planet, after all.

And, speaking of the FSMK Planet, I think it can look better. Somebody needs to work on and improve the css or something.


Thanks for reminding. I might just do that.
Maybe not CSS. But I can surely share mockups with whoever takes this up.


Please initiate discussions on this thread, https://discuss.fsmk.org/t/reviving-fsmk-planet/ to revive our planet.

cc @Rahulkondi @arunisaac


I think a group option is missing in federated networks. Is this technically impossible? If not, this is a project idea.