December 2015, DevOps Meetup


Hi All,
For the month of December 2015, we have decided to have the DevOps Meetup on December 13 (Sunday) from 10AM - 1PM at FSMK Office.

Looking out for speakers for the same.

If it is tech talks, we will have 2 sessions, 1:30 hrs each or in case of hands-on, we can have 2:30 hrs for the same.

Format (we are not strict about the format):

Topic :
Short Intro about the talk
Type (Talk/Hands-on)
Time Required (In case you need more or less time than the time mentioned above)

Please do comment below to submit a proposal for the talk / Hands-on


I can take a hands-on session on “Programing the Cloud (Openstack+Python)”. Will provide detail instructions closer to the meetup.


@anubhaskar Can you just mention, are you taking 1:30 hrs or 2:30 hrs, so that if needed we can keep another slot open for other speakers.


I would like to take session on developing Python Programs to interact with Openstack cloud through APIs.


  1. Introduction to Openstack and its APIs
  2. Fundamentals of Python
  3. Write Python programs using liblcoud library to interact with Openstack APIs

I would prefer this to be a half day hands-on workshop. But I can also show this as a 1hr demo.

If we want to do this as a workshop, below are the requirements:

  1. A linux box (VM/laptop etc.) installed with - (i) Python 2.7, (ii) Libcloud python library (
  2. Openstack - You can create a free Openstack sandbox account at or you can install Openstack in a VM/laptop using


Also please verify and confirm the date. Last month it was on a Sunday. And there is another post from Rameez mentioning date as 13-dec (DevOps Meetup)


@anubhaskar Thanks for letting know. Missed that. Confirming it is 13 Sunday.
Also ya, you are free to do the whole 3 hours session :smile:
Also It would be nice if you can bring a VM with the setup, just in case if people dont bring it in.


Thanks Anu. It was a good session. A good start for the Open Stack basics and its APIs.


Next meetup will be on 10th of January 2016.
Yet to finalize the topic and speaker. If anyone interested, please reply to this thread.

There is another bigger event planned for 16 and 17 targeting college students. (mostly final year). Anu has agreed to take it as a workshop. We can target for about 30 students. Need about 5 volunteers. Topic will be around OpenStack, Automation of Instance provisioning using Python, usage of a configuration management solution in Open Stack.