Chennai Floods - OSM intervention


As you might all know, Chennai and its surrounding areas have been severely flooded due to heavy rainfall. Help has been provided from all ends to the people affected by floods.

The flood map has been built using OpenStreetMap data to report flooded streets in Chennai. Do share this with people you know on the ground. Also for those who’re interested in tracing missing streets in Chennai, join the mapping project which has been setup at OpenStreetMap India Tasking Manager.


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Raghuram N, [02.12.15 23:46]
Please join for Chennai flood relief - fund collection campaign by IT Employees Centre.
11am - Doddanekundi near samsung/emc office - contact vineeth 096-202-43599
3pm - ITPL - contact haynes 9886156669
5pm BTM - contact Shammi 099-860-97714

deadrat, [03.12.15 08:42]
[OFFTOPIC] For those who in Chennai & affected by floods, make use of free calls and data


Crowdsourced list of places and people offering shelter, emergency services, doctors, food, etc.
Updated every 5 mins.


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