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The campaign against Facebook’s Free Basics (previously. Internetdotorg) is gaining momentum. Request all of you to do the best in this fight against monopolizing the internet and breaking net neutrality.

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What Face book wants to tell you.

  1. We will allow any operator to join us as they are helping us in screwing your Internet and privacy.
  2. We don’t charge anyone as you are already providing all your data to Facebook.
  3. We do not pay for data consumed in free basics because we already made an agreement on screwing net neutrality.
  4. Any developer can publish their app as we can take whole and sole rights on the same.
  5. Nearly 800 developers in India have signed their support to freebasics all others rejected.
  6. In India 40% of people will be connected to freebasics so we will get 52 crore new users for Facebook.
  7. 36 countries have already fallen in our trap. We are awaiting India to follow the same.
  8. In recent representative polls we managed to bribe to pretend majority of people supported forensics.
  9. In past several days we managed to get only 3.2 people while spending crores of rupees for marketing.
  10. There are no adds in freebasics as we mentioned all your data is ours and we sell it.

say No free basics by Facebook



Response to Free Basics Opponents
PS: They consider us as opponents :smiley:

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Some campaign materials"Say_no_to_free_basics_by_Facebook"_campaign



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Facebook’s Fraudulent Campaign on Free Basics


A response to Facebook’s “What Net Neutrality Activists Won’t Tell You”

By aggressively advertising ‘free basics’ in leading newspapers, and using rhetorical advertisements which are titled “what net neutrality activists won’t tell you or

the top 10 facts about free basics”, Facebook has confirmed that this is fundamentally a political struggle about the ownership and control over a fundamentally free

space or ‘commons’ called Internet. Facebook has made certain claims, so I would like to respond to Facebook’s argument point by point.

  1. The most basic of it all, nobody is going to be charged anything. Free really means ‘free’. Facebook produces no revenue; there are no ads in the version of

Facebook on Free Basics.

–> Nobody is going to be charged. Does free really mean ‘free’? Monopolization itself means that huge social costs are involved in it. These social costs may not be

necessarily in the monetary or accountable form, but letting a private player decide the course of development of a free space such as internet and losing public

control over a ‘commons’ as a result of the growing monopolization is a huge social cost.

Growing monopolization provides the party involved with a very important capacity, the capacity to create artificial scarcity, which imposes huge social costs on the


There is always a struggle (or, at least a debate, which nonetheless reflects deeper antagonisms in the society) in the society over which spheres of life should be

allowed to be commoditized and which shouldn’t be. For example, even within capitalism, certain spheres of life are kept outside the ambit of markets and

commoditization. Commoditization and privatization of any sub sphere previously belonging to the public sphere reduces the public control over it on the one hand and

provides a handful of people an opportunity to become vastly wealthy at the expense of the wealth that belongs to the public. Growing monopolization of Facebook would

mean more commoditization of internet and lesser public control over it.

(For a detailed discussion, see

  1. In this venture, Facebook is not limiting the possibility of other mobile operators joining hands with Facebook.

–> Facebook and mobile operators are joining each other because there are mutual gains in such a venture, but at the expense of the public wealth. We can call this

‘association for complementary monopolization’. A question can be raised, “what is wrong if they are gaining?” The real question should be, “who are going to be the

losers?” And this growing monopolization means, as in the case of all private monopolies, that the society at large is going to be the loser.

Also, when one operator joins Facebook, it automatically forces other operators to join so that they can compete with each other to exploit the possibility of

capturing the huge market. This means that Facebook becomes not only a monopoly social networking website, it also makes all the operators accept its monopoly, thereby

guaranteeing preferential treatment to Facebook and reduction in the possibility of the operators joining hands with ‘marginal’ social networking sites or start ups in

a similar way. So Facebook is rather revealing its innermost desire but posing it in a way that ‘sounds’ non-discriminatory.

  1. Facebook does not pay for the data consumed and operators participate because this brings more people online.

–> This point is tautological in nature. Of course, the operators want more people online, but without radical changes in the social structure or changes in the

highly unequal distribution of income and wealth. Also, they want to bring more people online without sacrificing their profit levels by bringing down the prices of

various services offered, which are decided by a cartel with players tacitly agreeing that the competition would take only ‘non-price’ form and prices would be

determined and varied in parity.

The internet diffusion rate in India has remained low (25 out of 100 people). Though there has been a modest growth in the number of internet users, it has not matched

the growth rate of mobile phone users. Also, 94% of the internet users connect through mobile phones. So, in such a situation, joining hands with Facebook, which would

work as an exogenous stimulus to the expansion of the market, seems the best way out of the impasse of low internet penetration. But a more fundamental question should

be asked, “Why is the internet penetration rate particularly low in India?” I believe that the demand side constraints are largely responsible for it.

(For data regarding internet diffusion, see

  1. It is open to every kind of content development. No discrimination of any kind here, with subject to certain guidelines. And as a result of this, nearly 800

developers support Free Basics.

–> The debate regarding net neutrality and free basics is only partly related to ‘non-discriminatory treatment to all the content developers’. Content developers are

just one of the stakeholders, and rather secondary stakeholders, who wouldn’t care about net neutrality as long as they are ensured that they can publish and develop

their content.

So even if developers support Free Basics, they are indifferent between supporting and not supporting it, given their position in the game.

  1. When people are given an access to free basics, 40% of them shift to complete access to internet within 30 days.

–> Why don’t they ‘buy’ an access to the complete internet before they are given Free Basics? Some of them could really be ignorant about the usage of internet, but

that must be a very small percentage. Here, I believe, a vast majority of population do not buy complete internet access because they cannot afford to. According to a

survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 95% of Indians earn only 10 $ or less (180 rupees at PPP exchange rate) a day, which means 5400 rupees or less per month. We

can imagine what kind of internet service can be bought when a person gets 5400 rupees salary per month. So when 40% of them would shift to complete access to internet

(if at all!) after using free basics for only 30 days, they would do so with their spending on mostly essentials and necessities getting compressed.

Nonetheless, as Facebook is going to feature heavily in the usage of these ‘40%’ people even when they shift to complete access, the usage becomes profitable for

Facebook through posted ads and other marketing strategies. This happens at the expense of the compressions in the spending of a vast majority on essential


(For data on income and wealth inequality in India, see and

  1. Free Basics is growing and popular in 36 countries.

–> alias Free Basics are provided in 36 countries (mostly underdeveloped). This in itself doesn’t mean that it should be implemented in India. But we

should try and understand why Facebook is allowed to provide free basics in the underdeveloped world even though it violates the basic principle of net neutrality.

Within the present neo-liberal economic regime, capital is globalized. As a result, the welfare state which worked as an external stimulus during the ‘golden age of

capitalism’ is on the retreat. The welfare state is on the retreat because if the state starts playing the role of ‘welfare state’ by providing universal public

provisions of certain essential commodities and services (internet should be one of them!) and financing it by heavily taxing the rich, capital would flow out because

the state “interferes too much”. In this sense, the retreat of the welfare state is a direct consequence of the emergence of globalized finance capital. In other

words, in such a scenario, the state is internalized in the capitalist system and cannot play an important role of an ‘external stimulus’.

But the state wants to digitally literate this vast population, not because it must be considered a fundamental right, but because it would attract international

finance capital towards the internet literate and skilled but excessively cheap and politically unorganized labour reserves. The state realizes that making a majority

of population digitally literate would require huge finances but the state is not in a position to ‘heavily and progressively tax the rich’ to mobilize the finances as

it would scare away internationally mobile finance capital.

Now in this kind of an impasse, the only viable option in front of the state is to join hands with a private player, who would take the financial responsibility of

such an ambitious project but who also seeks certain long term advantages in doing so, in the form of private control over publicly owned resources and more

possibility of profit extraction and monopoly rent extraction etc.

In this sense, the governments of these nations are largely to be blamed because they substitute free basics provided by private players for the real public policies

which would expand the full internet access to everyone.

(For a discussion on neo-liberalism, see
(For data regarding the amount of revenue of the government forgone in the form of tax concessions, see and
(For a discussion about the falling tax to GDP ratio in India and concessions in direct taxes, see

  1. 86% of Indians have supported free basics. 3.2 million people have petitioned the TRAI in support.

–> This is where Facebook has won, of course by subverting the whole issue and misleading people. (In an ironical way, doesn’t this prove that being on Facebook does

not automatically make people internet literate? Also doesn’t this reveal the enormous power of Facebook to inform and influence people’s opinions, preferences, actions and decisions?)

  • I think the principle of net neutrality and net equality must be defended at any cost. The principle states that those who control and own the physical network

should not discriminate between websites and services offered on internet. It is easy to see why this principle seems so problematic from the standpoint of the

internet monopolies and the telecom giants. In spite of the ‘well intended and benevolent attempt’ by Facebook to bring more people online, we should oppose it because

the exclusion of the principle of net neutrality from the legal framework regulating the telecom sector may give a vast population free access to Facebook right now,

but it will also allow the internet giants and owners of the physical network to use the principle of non neutral internet for monopoly rent extraction in future. The

integration of this fundamental principle in the legal framework regulating the telecom sector would keep internet free and independent from the interference of the

telecom giants and online monopolies such as Facebook and their possible rent seeking behavior in future. But this fight must be necessarily combined with a demand for

‘universal access to full internet as a fundamental right’.

PS: Not sure who wrote this


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Comments and SUGGESTIONS w.r.t. Consultation Paper on Differential
Pricing for Data Services, Facebook’s Free Basics - Observations &

  1. The whole purpose of Facebook pushing for Free
    Basics is to Collect Internet Behaviour Information, MIND-READING and
    PROFILING of Crores of the MASS VOTERS of India in Lower Strata and
    Lower Middle Strata with which Facebook, Mark and USA can Influence
    VOTERS’ Minds during Polls by using Free Basics platform, which is

platforms, once hooking Crores of People of India in the Lower Strata
and Lower Middle Strata, can Manipulate their Internet behaviour and
real-life behaviour by manipulating their Free Basics Internet
Connection, providing Undue power to Facebook, Mark and such DICTATORIAL

Facebook’s Free Basics is ABUSE of MONOPOLISTIC POWER of Facebook on
People of India and should be banned under Monopoly & Restrictive
Trade Practices Act (MRTP Act) and current Competititon Commission of
India Acts. Facebook should be sued under MRTP Act and CCI Actfor this
FreeBasics scheme.

  1. Facebook’s Free Basics is more to propogate
    Business Interests of Facebook alone and to establish Monopoly on
    Internet and Internet behaviour of Billions of People of India
    andinfluence their thought process in mass scale by capturing all
    internet behaviour of people, while Internet access to Poor People of
    India is just an ALIBI to Monopolise Indian Internet Market.

By giving Free Internet, Facebook gets a huge datamine of behaviour and
interest patterns of Crores of Mass Voters of India and Mass Sections
of People of India who are in lower strata and lower middle strata,
which Facebook wants to Encash by selling these data mines and behaviour
profiles of these Mass Voters of India for Billions of Dollars, as
INDIA is the only Largest Virgin Unexplored Markets for many consumable
and consumer durable products.

  1. Facebook talking about children
    and people from lower strata and lower middle strata using Internet to
    innovate and enhance their lifestyle are all BULLSHIT, as whichever
    child and person in lower strata and lower middle strata has to make it
    big, it is his/her DESTINY to make it big within the current social
    domain of the Society in which they grew as it is each one’s WILLPOWER,
    achieve their PERSONAL GOALS, best examples are Abdul Kalam, Sundar
    Pichai, Indira Nooyi and thousands of such persons in India who made it
    big without Internet and many other basics of current world.

Facebook and Twitter are Platforms with 80% GUTTER material creating
multiple conflicts among users playing with emotions of each other
without encouraging face-to-face interactions and understanding with
each other but just abuse in facebook, while these platforms are 20%
USEFUL-to-HUMANITY material like some using facebook to market and
enhance their various business. Those 20% who use facebook and twitter
as USEFUL-to-HUMANITY material to market and enhance their business will
surely spend Rs.50 to Rs. 100 per month for Internet Connectivity as
part of Marketing Expenses of their Business and would not depend on
Free Basics.

  1. Free Internet Usage of 350MB per month for
    initial period of 3months to 6months of taking a Mobile Connection are
    provided by Mobile Operators like TATA DOCOMO apart from providing free
    Talktime equivalent to the First Recharge Coupon amount thereby Internet
    usage being free, with which a Poor Person can surely use Internet of
    350 MB per month for 3 months to access and download lots of Useful,
    Educative, Informative, Knowledge Enhancing, Innovation Encouraging
    websites like WIKIPEDIA.ORG,Govt.
    Educational .ORG Websites, Govt.-To-People Services websites and many
    other Education Oriented and Innovation Oriented Free Access Websites.

SERVICE Websites of State Govts and GoI, Govt. Websites,
while charging Internet charges for accessing USER PROFILING Websites
like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo etc where they profile users and
sell those data and information to product marketers and service

  1. Facebook and its promoter are Monopolistic,
    Dictatorial Organisation, Evil disguised as Angel practicing Freedom of
    Speech as long as it encourages conflict, quarrel and ego problems among
    friends and good relationship, but Facebook blocks Freedom of Writing
    and Speech of NATIONAL INTEREST, but not palatable to US Businesses,
    Crony Capitalistic practices, Corrupt US Firms and Indian Firms,
    Political parties backed by Facebook and USA like the Current BJP Govt.
    in the Centre. This has been my experience with Facebook where Facebook
    blocked my access to post my observations and suggestions on
    National-Interest-Oriented Issues which has impact on lives of 130 Crore
    Indians, as those posts were against CRONY CAPITALISTIC Business
    Interests of US Cos. and Indian Cos. Personally, inspite of logging in
    through 3 email addresses providing all my mobile contact nos. and
    identity, Facebook blocked access to facebook to post my observations
    & suggestions on Life-Impacting National issues of India of 130
    Crore Indians, as it is not suitable for what Facebook stands for -
    influencing Policy decisions of BJP Govt. suitable for USA and its
    Monopolistic, Crony Capitalistic Business interests, providing no reason
    for blocking but just blocked.

  2. Thus, Facebook’s only goals
    and objectives for providing Freebasics are as listed below, under the
    garb of free internet usage to poor people - they need free food, free
    clean water, free clothing, free shelter first and Internet is not in
    their Top 10 priority list of their lives:

(a) Influencing the
thought process of Mass Sections of Voters of India who are in lower
strata and lower middle strata and whose votes literally decides which
political party shall come to power for 5 years. Thus, USA through
facebook and mark, plan to use facebook platform to influence votes and
democracy to bring their puppet govt. in Centre and States.

cannot afford at any point in time now and in future to allow a Foreign
Co. like facebook to wield power in India, but just remain always as
just another service available in the internet like emails, news
websites, etc and nothing beyond that.

the USERS of Internet in Lower Strata and lower middle strata without
paying any amount but getting them Free-Of-Cost, To STUDY and SELL those
Profile information to Private Monopolistic and Oligopolistic
Businesses to sell their products and services to Mass Sections of
Indian Society. These information will also be sold to Political parties
of India like BJP to influence voting decisions in future.

Sabha Elections 2014 was won by BJP to a significant extent by
manipulating Social Media like facebook, twitter etc. People of India,
to safeguard INDIA from such Foreign Infleunce and power wielding should
oppose such FreeBasics with ULTERIOR MOTIVE of wielding Media Control
and Power in future - the attitude is similar to East India Company
first starting trading and slowly ruling us for 300 years.

Current Average Revenue Per User at lower strata and lower middle strata
is around Rs. 80 per month. Would Suggest the following for TRAI and
Telecom Companies:

(a) Provide 1MB FREE for every Re.1 of
TalkTime TopUp Recharge for Lower Strata and Lower Middle Strata Prepaid
Customers of India. Thus, for Rs.80 per month of ARPU in lower strata
and lower middle strata, a Customer would get 80MB of free internet
usage in his or her smartphone in a month.

(b) Over-debit of
Internet Usage MB by Mobile Operators and ISP operators are noticed. For
example, just to open one’s GMAIL Account by typing user name and
password, 5MB is getting debited, which is too much of debit of internet
balance when it should not debit more than 1MB to open a GMAIL account.

debit of Internet balance of 5MB is due to the Analytics wings of
facebook, google apis, amazon and many other Profile capturing Analytics
engines trying to capture the Complete Internet behaviour and
information of each User. Thus, 1MB is to open my GMAIL account and 4MB
spent for Analytics engines of facebook, google apis, amazon and other
websites to capture my internet access information and mails
received in my gmail account.

should PREVENT these Analytics firms of American MNCs to access these
individual email information of Indians by LEGALLY blocking these MNC
Analytic firms from accessing these data for their business interests
through Govt. Orders in this regard and levying FINANCIAL PENALTIES on
these MNC Analytical Firms of Facebook, Google, AMAZONAWS and such
organisations who not only STEAL USER INFORMATION but also INCREASE
DEBITS from my INTERNET USAGE ACCOUNT paid by each one of us.

a 1GB recharge should come for 30 days if used only for user needs,
gets expended in just 10 days due to the extra internet traffic
generated by Analytics divisions of GOOGLE APIS, AMAZON AWS, Facebook
analytics and many others.

Why should an Internet User and
Customer pay for ILLEGAL Internet usage of Analytics divisions of GOOGLE
APIS, AMAZON AWS, Facebook analytics to ILLEGALLY STEAL Internet Access
Information of each User ?
TRAI should first ban these Analytics
Firms to illegally use Customer’s Internet balance to STEAL Internet
User’s Information and Profile to enhance their BUSINESS INTERESTS at
Customer’s Internet Usage Cost.

ETHICS of any BUSINESS adding Internet Usage Costs of Internet Users for
their Analytics tool to read user information, profile and internet
usage patterns, while on the otherhand, make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS by
Internet Usage Patterns, Websites visited.

On One hand, these
Analytics firms of American MNCs like Google APIS, Facebook, AMAZONAWS
and many other firms VIOLATE Individual Freedom Space and Privacy Space
to make BILLIONS of DOLLARS for themselves at the Internet Usage Cost of
each Internet User, while on the other hand these firms use User’s
Internet Balance to achieve their business goals of STEALING User’s
information, internet usage patterns to SELL these information for
Billions of Dollars.

TRAI should BAN these Analytics Firms of
American MNCs like Google APIS, Facebook, AMAZONAWS and many other firms
from accessing User Information whenever a User connects to the
Internet, failing which Huge FINANCIAL PENALTIES should be levied on
each of them.

This Differential Pricing and freebasics ENCROACH into FREEDOM OF CHOICE OF THE USER, but tunnels and funnels each Smartphone Mobile User into a handful few websites which are offered free-of-cost browsing, thereby narrowing the sight of Internet usage by New Internet Users as well as allowing facebook to read and profile each User to enhance their
business and political interests in India.

A Citizen of India


It’s a win!