A new TRAI consultation paper on Net Neutrality


Also read the paper.

I’m interested in this question:
Question 3. Are there alternative methods/technologies/business models, other than differentiated tariff plans, available to achieve the objective of providing free internet access to the consumers? If yes, please suggest/describe these methods/technologies/business models. Also, describe the potential benefits and disadvantages associated with such methods/technologies/business models?


“One approach might be to delink free internet access from specific content, and
instead limit it by volume or time. For instance, a TSP could provide initial data
consumption for free, without limiting it to any particular content. Current examples of
this approach include allowing free browsing or discounted tariffs for specified time
windows, or giving away a certain amount of data daily for free.”

They gave a few suggestions of their own. I don’t see the problem with this solution, if there is one, I’d like to know.


I read about it just now.

Here is the PDF link just in case:



“20. Similarly, the other approach of promoting access through the Internet could be
initiated by the content providers wherein they could reimburse the cost of browsing or
download to the customers directly irrespective of which TSP he/she has used to visit
the website. Coupons, direct money transfers or other methods/technologies can be
employed to reward the users for their visits to these websites. The direct money
transfer approach has been adopted in some initiatives that offer mobile credit to all
consumers, in exchange for viewing advertisements.”

Their other suggestion is this. This would create a problem of its own.