Winter Camp 2018


Camp Plan

  1. No of days : 8 days residential. First 2 days of the camp is volunteer training and 6 days is the public camp.
  2. No of seats : 120 participants + 30 volunteers
  3. No of Tracks : 3 (IoT with Hardware, Ruby and Rails, Mobile Development)

Rough distribution and quotas

  1. Since it is 120 participants, 30 volunteers and 3 tracks, we are going to be having 40 participants/track and 10 volunteers/track (including track leads) .
  2. We have identified 4 parts of Karnataka to reach out to this year. Bangalore, Hassan, Mangalore,Mandya

Participant and Volunteer count :

Hardware Track :

Participants :
	Bangalore : 16
	Hassan : 16
	Mangalore : 4
	Mandya : 4
Volunteers :
	Bangalore : 3
	Hassan : 5
	Mandya : 1
	Mangalore : 1

Ruby Track :

Participants :
 	Bangalore : 14
	Hassan : 14
	Mangalore : 6
	Mandya : 6
Volunteers :
	Bangalore : 4
	Hassan : 4
	Mandya : 1
	Mangalore : 1

Mobile Track :

Participants :
	Bangalore : 14
	Hassan : 14
	Mangalore : 6
	Mandya : 6

 Volunteers :
   	Bangalore : 4
  	Hassan : 4
	Mandya : 1
	Mangalore : 1

Note : We will stick to these quotas very strictly is what we decided.

Regional Level Responsibilities for managing quotas and seats etc

Bangalore : Shijil

Hassan : Ram and Darshan

Mangalore: Indhu

Mandya : Akshay

Teams Formed :

Camp Leads :

- Amina     (RIT)

- Subha     (RIT)

- Amith      (GLUE)

- Prajwal   (GLUE

- Chinmayee (GEON)

- Daniyal   (GEON)

Camp leads are responsible for nearly every aspect of the camp and would be leading the camp. And since the camp is happening in Hassan, the Camp Leads are all a part of Hassan GLUG

Track Leads

Hardware (IoT Weather Station) : 

- Gagana        (GEON)

- Chandan       (GEON)  

Ruby : 

- Anish,  (RIT)

- Ruchika, Suhas, Rakshitha    (GLUE)

Mobile : 

- Harshith ,punya ,savitha     (RIT) 

- Brijesh, Vasudha, yashaswini       (GLUE)

Track Leads are responsible for every aspect of a specific track, including syllabus, managing track seats, syllabus, volunteer selection, etc. Tracks leads also count as volunteers for every track. Again, since it is Hassan glug organising the camp, the camp leads are also people from Hassan glug.

Shijil, Ram and Darshan, will be responsibile to design all the organisational syllabus and activities, guests to be invited etc during the days of the camp

For someone to be a volunteers in a camp, at a minimum the following 2 criterias has to be met.

  1. They should worked on something during the camp. For ex, if someone wants to volunteer for rails, they should have some decent knowledge on ruby, since we have only 2 days for volunteer training, and we cant go from scratch
  2. They should no matter what, be available during all 8 days residential .

The team decided, we would not compromise on these 2 aspects in terms of volunteer selection.

Other Teams :

Syllabus Team (Track leads + Ram + Shijil + Darshan )

Responsibilities :

- Speaker Confirmation

- Syllabus finalizing

- Getting pre and post resources ready 

  - Getting the list of required software and to be tested with the live iso 

Sponsorship Team (Shijil and Raghuram)

Merchandize Team ( Shijil if Bangalore team is handling it, or Harshit (Rit) and Amith(Gec) if Hassan team is handling it )

Responsibilities : 

- Sticker

- T-shirt


- Hardware components 

- Tag and ID  

Website Team (Vishnu + Ram + Prajwal (Gec)Need more volunteers here form other GLUG’s than Hassan)

Media Team (Kushal, Aisha, Sumanth, Aslam + Need volunteers form other GLUG’s than Hassan)

Responsibilities :

- Documentation and updates

- Online media 

- Photo team (Kushal) 

- Poster & Memes etc  

Mobilisation Team (GLUG co-ordinators)


Fee Collection

Posters and talk out in their GLUG's

Participant confirmation 

Interacting with other GLUG co-ordinators 

Immediate list of tasks

1. Get all the related teams in seperate groups and start working and getting the basic stuff ready.    Since exams are starting from 16th, before that we would have to do something and reach out to 	people

2. Get the website up and running

3. Get the official list of posters to be given out

4. Finalize speakers and Syllabus

Monthly Meeting December 2017
Announcing Winter Camp 2018