Why Professors Are Writing Crap That Nobody Reads


Ideally, the great academic minds of a society should be put to work for
the sake of building up that society and addressing its problems.
Instead, most Western academics today are using their intellectual
capital to answer questions that nobody’s asking on pages that nobody’s


Really liked this phrase in the article

Sadly, however, many academic articles today are merely exercises in what one professor I knew called “creative plagiarism”: rearrangements of previous research with a new thesis appended on to them.

I’ve heard this from plenty of people who are working on their papers. Not @arunisaac :smiley:


Most of the research is intent on writing papers to satisfy the “publish or perish” regime - if you don’t publish papers, you don’t advance in your teaching career and you may even get fired. This happens when you try to apply capitalism to academia - it reduces advancement in academia to merely number of papers written.

It should be interesting to note that Peter Higgs who discovered the existence of Higgs Boson particles, had very few publications


Even I say similar things. :stuck_out_tongue: