When the Internet first came, I thought it was just the beacon of freedom. People could communicate with anyone, anywhere, and nobody could stop it. -Steve Wozniak


When we say certain programs are free, we mean they are released under a lisence that grants all users four essential freedoms: the freedoms to run, study, copy, modify and redistribute the program so as to contribute to the community. It does not necessarily mean zero price, although almost all these programs are gratis. This is a secondary additional benefit that schools may take into consideration. Everyone can use free software, because only free software gives users the freedom that lets them control their own computers. Proprietary programs put the users under the power of the software developers. However, there are specific ethical reasons that apply to education.

Free Software Movement Karnataka(FSMK), organizes various kinds of technical camps, workshops and seminars emphasizing Free and Open Source Software(FOSS), its significance, benefits and contribution towards an ecosystem which is free and accessible to all, by providing opportunity to conduct workshops with the young students on board with themes of privacy, creative commons, and software patents. These workshops gave us the platform to interact and initiate conversations with students on topics that are intrinsic for developing rights, practices, and laws that increase growth of knowledge and freedom for the use of the abundant resources being offered via the internet.

One such seminar was conducted by the General Secretary of FSMK, Mr .Naveen Mudunuru for the students of CSE Department, The Oxford College of Engineering which reignited the flame in the students. The session included insight on data privacy, freedom to use software, how students can use the knowledge in free software and make a difference in their professional careers and the society’s lives also, work for a better cause and gave awareness about the other side of politics of Technology.

The students of CSE dep from The Oxford College of Engineering, collectively known as TOGGLE have always been enthusiastically participating with FSMK till 2018, now we would like to reinitiate this amazing bond we had with FSMK and achieve many more in the field of tech, may it be spreading knowledge or contributing to the society. The club was more ready than ever before to embark on an amazing journey coming up ahead. More than sixty students participated on 10th December, 2021 for an Installation Fest of Linux Distros.