What is on/off topic for this list?


It will be great to have a list of topics and issues that are considered on/off topic as a scaffold for newcomers.

I will start by listing:

  1. Any thing to do with the principles of free software-hardware-spectrum, free culture, free society
  2. Asking for help with ‘free as in freedom’ software. Read this first -> How To Ask Questions The Smart Way:http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html


  1. Promotion of political parties or politicians unless it is directly related to point 1 of on-topic
  2. Promotion of products or organisations or services
  3. Asking for help with non-free software


####Should promotion even be allowed?


Promotion of ideas that are related to the organisation and the principles it espouses should be fine.


Isn’t there categories there for that? Moderators can map the topics and categories.


Yes. That would be the means to do it. This post is about discussing what should be allowed. Guidelines and shiz.


I think the categories are very limited at present. Perhaps, we should come up with a list of such categories and add them


Instead of hurrying things up. Can we wait and watch for a while and see what happens? How things are moving along?


If we wait too long, this site will get abandoned slowly.


Moved the topic to ‘Site Feedback’ category.


hmm i moved it from site feedback to policy. site feedback is about user experience, right?


Its everything related to this site. We can even discuss the posting guidelines, category composition and other stuff there (or here).

Edit: Renamed the category to ‘Meta’.