VPS Specs/Stats


I think this forum runs on a VPS. What are the specs of this VPS? How much RAM and CPU does discourse take up? Any idea how much data/bandwidth is used per day? What OS/distro is installed on the VPS? How much RAM does the entire system take up?

And, lastly, which VPS provider are you using, and what is the plan you’ve signed up for (if it’s ok to disclose that kind of information)?

I’m trying to understand how light/heavy discourse is.

This post claims that discourse, nginx, redis and postgres together occupy 97% of 1 GB of memory. I am a little sceptical about that. Hence, I thought I’ll check with a second source.


I looked it up here. http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?url=https://discuss.fsmk.org

See the hosting company name.lacehost.com. But it is redirecting to leapswitch.com which also has a presence in Pune.

Then you can cross check with this http://www.whoishostingthis.com/

But as for the plan and other details, only the Admin can let you know.


Debian 7 64bit


UnManaged KVM VPS - Pune, India - KVM-UVPS-3

Discourse is heavy for sure.When I checked last the discourse process was consuming around 800-900MB, this is 2-3 weeks before(right not I don’t have access to check the current statistics, I can mange to get you the detail this week end). We have not installed any tool to analysis memory consumption over a period of time. Probably we have to do that soon.There are cases where discourse running in 512 MB RAM with enough SWAP allocated. See this and this (You might have seen this already ). However the idea of going with better configuration was to host other services as well, not just for discourse.

@kishangupta @nitesh @sarath_ms can share more detail.


Had you gone the AWS way, would that not have been cheaper?


Thanks for the info.

I hadn’t seen this earlier. Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully, this is console only and not running X?


@root I am Ishan from Leapswitch. Thank you for hosting with us and I am here to answer any questions that the community might have :slight_smile:


I am trying to mobilize people here to abandon VPSs and set up home servers. Can you help with that? Any ideas/suggestions? :smile:


Its running on Debian 8.2 (jessie) without the ‘non free’ repository.

Yes. Not sure why you asked this, but there are professional sysadmins around here :wink:

It may have been. It was one of the options, but probably the least preferred one. Mainly because AWS platform seems like layered with more proprietary technologies than most other providers. Regular VPS like this have lesser such dependencies, but has the definite risk of the host OS running some proprietary services which our VPS indirectly consumes. AWS is a developers heaven, but I haven’t seen enough FOSS folks talk about hosting on AWS. Moreover, most of us have grown this repulsion to ‘too big to fail’ entities.

Our best case scenario is getting hold of a dedicated server in a datacenter which we have exclusive physical access, but I think all of us have to wait or work a lot until FSMK grows to afford that.

We went with @leapswitch because its hosted in India and I have been running a VPS with them for a couple of years (and @shijil for 2 months). I was hoping that @leapswitch would come forward as a supporter and sponsor the VPS or atleast give a generous discount, but that didn’t happen. We didn’t want to wait for other providers to respond and delay setting up the platform, so we went ahead with whatever little discount their sales team agreed to.

Heavy. We haven’t installed any analytics agents on it yet. But the memory usage seems to be on the heavier side. We have the instance running in a docker container. Memory usage stands at 1250MB of 1504MB (from free -m). It may not reflect the exact memory allocation but indicative enough. There’s unicorn, sidekik, postgresql, redis, nginx running in that container.

I’m now not sure what else can be run on this instance and still remain usable. The idea was that we run a diaspora pod, or allow the community to develop and run custom web apps for fsmk/GLUGs etc.

Let’s see if @leapswitch is interested in sponsoring the next one for this bustling community. Meanwhile, others are requested to take initiative and approach providers who would like to support FOSS this way.


The next is hosting it in FSMK’s office but that has many variables to be taken care of, especially by volunteers who are not even close-by.


Hello Sarath,
Drop me an email (ishan at leapswitch dot com) , let us working something out :slight_smile:


The fact that we were running out of memory on the VPS didn’t make sense. So, I was wondering if someone set up X or something. I didn’t know discourse was as heavy as you said. That settles it.

Like you yourself said, there are a lot of freedom issues in working with VPSs. We do not need to encourage more of these freedom killing people. We should be setting up home (FSMK office) servers. If reliability is an issue, we should be working on something like maidsafe.net or some other redundancy providing mechanism. If our best case scenario is a datacenter, then we’re doomed.

High traffic may be a problem. But the current FSMK sites are quite low traffic (correct me if I am wrong) and hardly need anything special.

Let’s not chicken out of this challenge. Let’s attack it head on. If we just try, we can do this.