The Easiest Linux Distro


If you had to convince someone who’s almost exclusively used Windows to switch to Linux, which distro would you go with? Also, which distro is the most user friendly in your opinion?


And of course Ubuntu!
But if somebody really wanted to learn how things work… arch it is.


What about Debian - The Universal Operating System, eh? :smile:


Is Elementary really that elementary?


I hate to say it, but if you set someone up with Ubuntu, you’ll have the least headaches going forward.


Start with Ubuntu - or rather preferably something from Once they’ve done all the mouse clicking, suggest them to really learn how it works under the hood. For learning under the hood, so they can really be in control eventually, and fix things when they break, they can start making a dual boot with either Linux From Scratch, Arch or Gentoo.


Kinda. And it has good UI. So newbies might get attracted by it. If UI is what makes them use Linux.


Budgie :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, though it’s also looked upon as an OS X clone, though you should be able to comment on that.


The UI is OS X clone. So yes. And also has gestures similar to OS X.


I really like Budgie. I recommend it to people who’re getting started with Linux distros.


Elementary Freya!!


I’ve used Luna and Freya and while the UI is certainly nice, I don’t know if it’s necessarily any easier to use than regular old Ubuntu.


I tried using SOLUS with budgie, it’s nice and simple. But I didn’t like it.


Anything in particular?


Lot of glitches dude. :confused: It kept getting stuck. Don’t know whether it’s Mac hardware problem or Solus on Macbook.


I see. I should report them. PM me the specifics.