"The best way to predict poverty is by combining satellite images with machine learning"


Now we have techniques to predict poverty, but not to understand why poverty :confused:


The same was tried and test by Japanese a few years ago and it wasn’t successful ( I remember reading few articles recently). All these are just workarounds!


You need something to say to the people. And you now have satellites.

The politicians work on a simple rule, Keep the poor , poor. Else, my 1 Re Rice Scheme, will not be appreciated.(If you were wondering, I was talking about the Anna Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka).

I suppose atleast this would lead to some debate and bring in some strict rules about poverty.


Actually, once we predict where poverty can be found, we need to do some pattern analysis to see what each of these areas have in common. Based on the patterns and cross-referencing with literature we can understand the reasons for poverty.