Sunday School(28th Aug 2016) - Introduction to Flux architecture and ReactJS


You will be taught basics of Flux architecture and React JS this Sunday. Bring your laptop.
Session Starts at 10:30 AM
Venue : FSMK Office
@vishalvijay will be the speaker. He will update prerequisites in a while

Interested folks can stay back after Sunday School , as usual we can discuss and debate on various topics, some chit chats and a cup of tea :smiley:


Is ReactJS free software? Wikipedia says their license (3 clause BSD with Facebook addendum) is not OSI approved.


It seems to me that it’s less of a free software issue and more of a patents issue.

In effect, by using React, you agree to let Facebook and other React contributors infringe on any patents you may hold, whether or not they are related to React in any way. This only comes into effect if it is confirmed that React uses any patents held by Facebook or other React contributors though. As I understand it, this has not been confirmed so far.

I personally feel that this is not an ethical way to deal with patents. The Apache license, for instance, grants similar rights to what React grants without such strings attached.

Considering all the patent-related discussions and activism we engage in, I think it is necessary for FSMK to choose its stance on this issue before endorsing React in any way.

Edit: PS. IANAL. Pinch of salt recommended.


Laptop, text editor and a latest browser is the only prerequisites. I know that everybody has in their system. :wink:

Also, It’ll be great if you have a basic speed internet connection


The FSMK office has an internet connection shared over WiFi. People can use that.


Thanks for pointing out. I had never used ReactJS, so not got chance to understand more on this technology. I apologies for not researching well before posting.