Sunday School(18th Sep 2016) - SFD Special


We have been promoting free software tools and idea of free software through various programs especially among college students under GLUG chapter. Most of you here are/were directly or indirectly part of it. All of us gained different experiences through different exposures. Lets meet this Sunday in the context of SFD2016 and share experiences and suggestion for future activities.

Some of the topics we could discuss/debate up on (suggest more)

  1. Free software philosophy beyond 4 freedom
  2. Free software in Indian society
  3. Popularizing Free Software among public more effectively
  4. Free software for public good(improving life of people using free software)

Share your thoughts too

Venue - FSMK Office
Time - 10:30 AM


Would have been great if this link had been shared on the mailing list and other forums as well