SSB-Patchwork - Peer to Peer Secure Social Network


Hello everyone,

Prasanna from FSFTN here :hand_splayed:

In the fight towards data commodification, we keep on exploring various free software, decentralized, p2p, federated alternatives like Diaspora, GNU Social/Mastodon, etc., to proprietary centralized platforms like facebook & twitter.

In this quest for exploration, we have come across a particular p2p network called Secure Scuttlebutt - Patchwork. You can read about it more here

I am pasting the link that I created in FSFTN’s discussion forum here,

If any of you are interested, we are also hosting a pub-server, so that people beyond the reach in physical space can sync with each other. Will share invite codes based on demand. Hope to see some of you in patchwork.


I’m interested. How will you be sending me the invite code? Mail is good.


Done, sent you a pub invite via email.


i am in too… :wink: