Speakers for FSMK and FHMK introduction in GEC Hassan 29th August 2016


Hi all,

Inspired by the hardware track in FSMK’s 2016 camp, GEC Hassan’s EC students are going to start a hardware GLUG. They are hosting a small introductory and inauguration session for this on coming Monday 29th August 2016.

They are in need of a speaker who can speak both free software and hardware , their importance and influence the attendees to join the community. They are expecting students from both EC and CS branches who are in 2nd,3rd and final year.

If any one is free in the mentioned date and willing to take session please ping me or any of the GLUE member.


@shijil @vincentvikram @shashankmc If we are left out with hardware kit from last camp can we donate some to them?


I think we can donate one or two hardware kit . If I am not wrong we have few hardware kits at FSMK office. @dharshan better you go to FSMK office and check how many pieces are left out. Much appreciated. if anyone is willing to donate.


I don’t see any problem in donating but feel that it would be better if the GLUG pools in some money and buys it from us. It does not matter even if it is much lesser than the cost we paid. That brings in a sense of ownership from the GLUG and will ensure that resources are well-utilised. Maybe each student who wants to learn puts in Rs.100 or more.

Please contact individuals immediately and get their availability